Classic Look. Modern Light. QLS LED Filament Lamps Offer Innovative Quality

LED lighting is taking over the market. From incandescent to compact fluorescent (CFL), lighting is giving way to LEDs (light emitting diodes). The end result? Better performance, decreased costs, and increased energy savings.

New Technology

One of the latest innovations – used by QLC – is sapphire filament technology. Filament bulbs use a thin wire inside, which allows the bulbs to have the elegant look of old style incandescents. The resulting ground-sapphire coating on the filament provides unmatched longevity.

Preceding LED lamps (light bulbs) are pretty much the same. They require a single high-powered chip – or sometimes a few larger chips – combined with phosphor gas.  The the chip gives as much power needed to give off the maximum amount of light. The draw back to this design is heat. Heat tends to shorten the life of a lamp. Heat sink ridges or cup along the lower portion of a lamp are needed. The new filament technology eliminated the need for heat sinks, reducing the weight and allowing for the classic look of a lamp.

Each manufacturer has a few likenesses and differences in its filament lamp design. Filament lamps have tiny, thin substrates carrying the LED light, covered with a coating. Ground sapphire allows for the best dimming and light consistency used by QLS.

QLS carries a full line of filament lamps. Select from clear and frosted a-lines, vintage Edison lamps, decorative chandelier lamps with either a small or standard base, and G25 globes.  E-mail for availability.