High Bay

Greater Light Satisfaction with Designated High Bay Fixtures

A positive, safe, work environment – including lighting – is everyone’s goal. Warehouses, factories, even parking garages and gymnasiums benefit from good lighting.  For a number of years, fluorescent lighting was the “work horse” for large areas with high ceilings. And while it still covers a large share of the market, more and more people are switching to LED (light emitting diode ) fixtures for new and old facilities. Here is why:

For many years, the benefit of upgrading from fluorescent to LED lighting was not cost effective.  However, lighting manufacturers have been busy improving the technology and lowering the cost of LEDs in general, including high bay fixtures. Now it is possible to install LED light fixtures in large areas with tall ceilings and recoup the cost within a reasonable time frame. LED high bays to use a fraction energy used by traditional lighting, so even though there is a large upfront cost, there is a saving on energy costs – up to 80%. Less cooling cost is another benefit. LED lighting produces less heat than the old counterparts, saving up to 20% in some places. And, you may even qualify for an energy rebate.  Be sure to talk to your lighting distributor about that. Based on the numbers, he or she should be able to tell you how fast you should recoup your costs.

There is also the benefit of reduced maintenance cost due to the long life of LED fixtures. We’ve seen various life claims to over 100,000 hours if used 24 hours per day.  That’s over 11 years of use; 30 years if only used during a normal work day. That adds up to a lot of saved time and energy in bulb replacement.

One thing that is difficult to measure is light quality and its effect on productivity.  LED fixtures to provide consistent, flicker-free, instant-on light.  If you have ever worked where the light is not acceptable, even just a little, you can appreciate the high quality of light from LEDs.

QLS provides LED high bays in 105 Watt and 210 Watt fixtures, giving off 13,500 lumens and 27,000 lumens.  Available in 4000K and 5000K, with a 5-year limited warranty. Email support@qlightsource.com to find a distributor in your area. Or call 833-755-1734 to learn more about the QLS High Bay fixtures.