2ft by 2ft Flat Panel

2ft by 2ft Flat Panel

Ultra Slim, Ultra Bright, Flat Panels

For new construction, it’s best to do it right the first time. Skip the flickering, noisy, linear fluorescent, and install QLS ultra thin, ultra-quiet Flat Panels.  Or when replacing linear fluorescent fixtures, QLS panels are a quick, all-in-one replacement option that slashes installation costs. Covered by our industry leading Gold Standard service agreement, we’ve got you covered, no matter what.

Rebates may be available in your area. Consult your distributer or contact QLS at support@qlightsource.com or 833-755-1734.

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  • 2×2 Panel Surface Mount Kit – Item# OT-00035
  • 2×2 Panel Suspended Kit – Item# OT-00033
  • Battery Backup – 90 minute, 10W (available pre-installed) – Add “B” at end of Item#

Master Pack – 4

Pallet Units – 52